Lab members

Current members:

Vanessa currently supervises 7 PhD students enrolled at various Universities and will be welcoming a strong cohort of 4 PhD students to UTAS this coming year:

Carley Fuller, Co-Supervisor, University of Tasmania, PhD, 2019- ongoing

Thesis title: Land-Use Change and Biodiversity: A Brazilian case study

Abbey Throssell, Primary Supervisor, University of Tasmania, PhD, 2017 – ongoing

Thesis title: Systematic and biogeography of the Australian scopariine moths (Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Scpariinae)

Adelina Latinovic, Primary Supervisor, University of Tasmania, PhD, 2017 – ongoing

Thesis title: Management of pollination services in the Tasmania Midlands: Native vegetation as a vector of native pollinators in crops and a nectar resource for managed bees

Adelina is a PhD student at University of Tasmania, supervised by Vanessa Adams, Peter McQuillan and David Nichols. Her thesis will survey insect visitation to remnant native vegetation and crops in the Tasmanian Midlands to determine the contribution of native pollinators towards crop pollination.  A management outcome of her work is to propose pollen or nectar-rich native flora suitable for on-farm revegetation.

Kaylan Carrlson, Co-Supervisor, James Cook University, PhD, 2016 – ongoing

Thesis title: Sharpening the skein: improving the efficiency of conservation planning foundations

Kaylan is an external PhD student, supervised by Amy Diedrich, Vanessa Adams, Bob Pressey, and Johann Walker. She works for Ducks Unlimited, an important NGO in the US. Her thesis will focus on conservation planning for wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region and will include analysis of filling and drying cycles, threat assessment, and return-on-investment analysis.

Stephanie Hernandez, Co-Supervisor, James Cook University, PhD, 2016-ongoing

Thesis title: Integrating impact evaluation with systematic planning: a case study from Queensland, Australia

Steph is a PhD student supervised by Bob Pressey, Vanessa Adams and Stephanie Duce. Her thesis is funded by the Queensland Government and broadly seeks to investigate incorporating theories of impact evaluation into strategic terrestrial protected area acquisition to maximise conservation initiatives.

Victoria Graham, Co-Supervisor, Macquarie University, PhD, 2018-ongoing

Thesis Title: Evaluating the effectiveness of protected areas in Southeast Asia

Tori is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University. Her PhD research evaluates the linkages between management arrangements and the performance of protected areas in Southeast Asia. Her research interests include applying quantitative and spatial analysis to evaluate the efficiency of land management practices and policies. She completed her MPhil at James Cook University in 2017 investigating cost-effective opportunities for REDD+ to minimise forest carbon emissions in Southeast Asia. Tori also works as the Executive Officer of the Biodiversity Node of the NSW Adaptation Research Hub.

Stephen Kearney, Co-Supervisor, University of Queensland, PhD, 2015-ongoing

Completed students:

Noelle Nemeth, University of Tasmania, Masters by coursework, 2019: “Analysing the preparedness of overnight hikers in Tasmanian Alpine National Parks”

Dimuthu Jayakody, University of Tasmania, Masters by coursework, 2019: “Marine Spatial Planning and Strategies for Multiple Species and Multiple Threats in the Northern Marine Bioregion”

Ashlea Ostwald, University of Tasmania, Honours Geography, 2019: “Threat mapping strategies for environmental management in the Northern Marine Bioregion”

Yee Xin Tong, University of Tasmania, Masters by coursework, 2018: “Vegetation change detection and comparison of NDVI in different land uses”

Kerrie Fraser, University of Queensland, PhD, 2014-2018: “Evaluating policy efficacy and impact in conserving biodiversity”

Stephanie Hernandez, James Cook University, Masters by coursework, 2015: “Modelling potential outcomes for Queensland’s regional ecosystems under former and current renderings of the Vegetation Management Act, 1999”

Tomoko Okazaki, Charles Darwin University, Masters of Tropical Environmental Management, 2014: “Sensitivity analysis of three parameters in modelling the distribution of invasive grass species”

Casper van de Geer, James Cook University, Masters by coursework, 2012: “Accounting for opportunity costs and other social factors in the Moreton Bay marine zoning plan”